All the Roads Home – Character Spotlight #3

All the Roads Home

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This is the third in a series of posts where I will be introducing you to my character from my soon to be released novel All the Roads Home; book one of The Oregon Series. These spotlights will give you a little bit of insight into the characters, who they are what makes them tick.


Charlene (Charlie) Lindsey — Character Spotlight


Charlie is a thoughtful and beautiful 13-year-old girl. She is tall for her age, has brown curly hair and her skin is slightly tan; a trait she got from her dad’s Italian side. She is an emotionally torn girl struggling to find herself in the world where she feels alone more often than she should. She is at that precarious part of her life where seemingly every choice she makes could either have positive or drastically negative effects and doesn’t always realize it. Her parents are often at work at her families businesses and she left to her own devices more than what a 13-year-old should be.

Her mother is a pillar in the community as was her grandmother and in some ways that puts a lot of pressure on her to live up to the standards they set. Her mother and father make assumptions about her and who is she, which are sometimes wrong. These assumptions cause her to act out and experiment with things and people she really should not be. Charlie is searching for her own heartbeat, her own persona and is sometimes looking in the wrong places for anyone who is willing to listen and give her what she thinks needs. In many ways, she feels a complete disconnect with her parents.

After her uncle Shawn arrives back in town, she immediately forms a stronger bond with him than what she previously had. In some ways, they are like kindred spirits. They love their family but feel drawn to the world away, to the new and unfamiliar one and to the roads less taken. In many ways both Charlie and Shawn were both struck hard by the death of her grandmother (Shawn’s mother). In some respects, she was a rock for both of them in their lives giving them stability, understanding, and unwavering support and without her they both have faltered in some ways. She urged both to go with their what their guts and hearts told them.

Shawn’s connection to his niece is strong and much stronger than he ever realized. It is because of this connection that they both find solace and peace through the understanding and faith they find in each other. This happens in ways they do not even understand at first or appreciate while they lead each other out of very dark and dangerous places in life.



All the Roads Home is now available as of January 15th and is available for purchase.

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