Game of Thrones – Will I see it to the end? #GoT





By now anyone interested in it has seen the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. And by now, anyone interested is left thinking “What the hell” and scratching their heads. They are looking for bits, rumors of what will come next. I am right along with them to some degree. To be honest I was a Johnny-come-lately when it came to GoT. I started watching it during season 3 after binge watching the first 2 seasons over a week after my brother suggested it to me. I like many people was hooked and stayed hooked until perhaps…now.


Season 7 had its enjoyable and exciting moments don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t all that I had hoped for. The short lived 7-episode season left me realizing I was hoping for more. Perhaps needing more to keep me around and interested. Now I and the other fans of the show are left waiting for the final season which might not come out until 2019 so that all of our questions are answered. The last book in the Game of Thrones series was released in 2011 and took George R.R. Martin took five years to write it and he is still writing the sixth novel in the series called Winds of Winter; who knows when that will actually see the light of day.



I am a patient person, as a novelist being patient is part of the job. But waiting until possibly 2 years from now for the final season of the TV show is asking a lot. It’s asking a lot of me and a lot of other fans especially the marginally interested fans. In 2 years, I will be almost forty and have a 5-year-old not to mention other unpredictable life events and my interests will likely have moved on from Game of Thrones. In two years, I will barely remember the details of what happened in the season that just ended. Will it be a waste of time for me, having watched all the seasons up to this point and not watching the final one? Perhaps. My patience has limits though and so do my interests. I like Game of Thrones but I do not live and breathe Game of Thrones.


I think HBO and the series producers are taking a gamble by making fans wait so long for the end or at least their version of the end. This, after all, is only a TV show and not a sequel to a much-loved movie. It’s not Godfather. Will I be tuning in on some yet undecided date to see how the battle between the living and dead ends and who ultimately remains sitting on the Iron throne? I don’t know.


I’m sure I will watch it at some point after the series finale has long passed by much like I did with Sopranos.  But I won’t be waiting on pins and needles for it now. At least the tweets about GoT are making me laugh.


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