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Novelists and writers get their inspiration from a plethora of places. Sometimes it’s people we know or don’t know like total strangers. Sometimes it’s from things we have done or things we have heard others do. These ideas can come at the most fantastic time and during the weirdest moments. Some authors have said their ideas for stories come from their dreams like whispers from the muses of Greek and Roman mythology. I’ve had those and I have a theory on them and in dreams in general.

How many times have you had a dream and forgot about it as soon as you woke up or shortly after? The details and the feelings seem to be inexplicably zapped from your memory. I know I have had that. Sometimes, though, those dreams don’t disappear as fast. Sometimes they linger on throughout the day. The details stick in your mind keeps working them over. MY theory is that these are the dreams that really matter. Somehow or someway they get into that grey matter and won’t go away and must be listened to.

The other night I had one of these dreams. Then later when I was taking a nap while my son as taking his afternoon siesta the dream came back just as it had the night before. Same people, same faces, same location, and the same details were there. I figured this was important (because it wasn’t the first time this happened with my dreams). So, when I work up from my nap I grabbed my phone and groggily put down as many detailed notes as I could into my note app for a later date when I could put them into a word doc. This could end up being my first legit thriller if I write it the way it came to me in the dream. No, I can’t tell you what was in the dream because for that dream and story is for me and me alone.


It’s interesting though because the dream stopped at one specific point both times I had it. So maybe there are real muses. Maybe they were giving me a start and leaving it up to me to finish the story and fill in the blanks.

How many of you have been inspired by actual dreams you have? Tell me about it.

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