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This post has nothing to do with writing or my books. It, however, has everything to do with me trying to be a part of social issues that matter to me and using what voice I do have as an author to help change the world for the better in even the smallest ways. What’s best is that I am working on a project with an amazingly brave group of men and women.

You see, bullying was a huge part of my life both on the receiving and giving end when I was younger. Looking back, I feel like me being bullied for being the “bigger” kid in elementary school paved the way and was perhaps a partial cause of me becoming a bully for a few too many years which I regret to this day. It’s often referred to as the “fat kid” complex.  It was a horrible way to cope with these issues which I never really voiced to my parents as much as I should have if I did at all. When I was in Elementary school and Jr. High back in the 80’s and early 90’s it (bullying and body shaming) was something that was as normal as breathing and we didn’t fuss about it even if it did hurt. Victims dealt with it often silently for years and didn’t usually talk about it. When we or they did it made matters even worse. Eventually for me, this behavior sort of petered off in high school but also paved the way for major issues with self-confidence and feeling embarrassed about how I looked which lasted well into my adulthood which I will talk about in the next related post.


Body shaming of bigger, as well as thinner people, is a horrible social epidemic in this country and the world. For many reasons, generations of kids and eventual adults have been forced to think they are somehow less because they don’t fit into a particular physical category of what is perceived as good and bad, right and wrong and attractive or unattractive. They are treated poorly, abused, bullied and harassed because of it as if they are somehow flawed humans regardless of the reasons for their physical appearance. They are taught this by music, movies, magazines, the internet, their friends at school and yes even family both intentionally and unintentionally.


So all that leads into this announcement.


In October I am taking part in in body positive photoshoot with Creative Edge Photography and its owner and head photographer Amy Broersma. In this photo shoot  several other people including myself all of varying sizes, sexes and races will be posing in ways which will highlight the bodies we have and show to ourselves and world that we are great, sexy, handsome, brave and beautiful in the skin we are in. So please check back and look for a follow-up blog where I will post my own pics as well as those by some of the others in the shoot. It’s okay being me. It’s okay being you and we are determined to show and share that with the world so that someone else whether it be a 16-year-old teenager or a 35-year-old mother of three might find their own bravery and positive self-value in what we are doing. I’ve never done something like this before and I am super excited about it.

#StopBodyShaming  #BodyShaming

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