The Oregon Series on Audible?




If you have been keeping up with my Twitter or newsletter at all you will know about the massive issues I’ve been having with getting the audiobook version of All the Roads Home and The Diner produced. Things have been going at a snail’s pace with the audible version of All the Roads Home which I would like to release in an audible edition first.


But, After much thought, I’ve decided to put off pushing forward with this project or audible versions of any of my other books until at least later this year and maybe even next. Without going into a long and wordy explanation I’ll just say finding a new producer has been hard since the death of my previous one and it’s very time-consuming. There are many issues at play which is making this a problem. One is the manner in which I am paying for it (royalty share) since it is the only option for me right now. If I was selling more books, had more reviews and better amazon rankings than this might be more enticing.


Which means outside of writing I’ll be spending more this year marketing the first two books in the Oregon Series and trying to get more reviews. Of course, that is the hope of all writers, am I right? If you happen to know any audiobook narrators and producers that are are looking for new projects please send them my way via my contact page on this site.


So that note if you haven’t picked up the first two books in The Oregon Series (All the Roads Home and The Diner) they are both on sale now for just $1.99. If you read it please remember to leave a review 🙂


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