Update on The Diner – The Oregon Series: Book Two



I just wanted to send a quick hello and let you all know how things are going with The Diner – The Oregon Series: Book Two. Currently, my editor is nearly done with her editing process and it should be back to me soon. We are busting our butts trying to get as much done before the Christmas festivities begin for our families but the process is going well so far and we are not rushing it. I am very proud of this new story as a book on its own and in the larger scope of the series that it belongs in. I think readers are going to really enjoy some of the wonderfully tender and dramatic moments that I filled The Diner with. It is a complete change from the story told in the first book of the series.


Soon I will begin working on concept covers with my long time cover designer Victor Fuentes who did the covers for the first book in the Oregon Series (All the Roads Home), my first novel Running Northwest and also this website. Working with Victor again is something I am looking forward to since he is an amazing talent and always has wonderful ideas.


As of now, I am planning on releasing this next book in the series on April 21st, 2017; so not that far away now. Originally I had hoped for a March release but that’s not going to work out this year. I will release much more information soon on here and please sign up on the form below or click HERE and sign up for my monthly newsletter.





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